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Jewish dating for marriage

Jewish dating club Sara&Rashel is the place where you can find your soul mate to create a kosher family. Our club is international, and this means you are not limited in the search.

If you are seriously thinking of forging your own future and creating a family based on Jewish traditions, we are pleased to welcome you among our club members in Moscow and around the world. Perhaps, like many of our clients, you have no time for deliberate search of your match, or there simply might be no Jews in your current community who give the high priority to traditions as you do. Surely, you don't want to settle for random encounters and are looking for a worthy partner for marriage.





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Advantages of Jewish dating site for marriage Sara&Rashel
  • rich profiles of the Jews interested in a serious relationship
  • search of candidates all over the world - among club members as well as with the involvement of rabbis from synagogues in different cities
  • matching partners based on common interests, financial situation and personal beliefs and values
  • work of experienced experts increases the probability of a fortunate shidukh by many times
  • opportunity to participate in charity events and joint meetings of the club members
  • direct communication with the project founders - Alexandra Rachel and Sarah Perezovskaya
Don’t forget! The one you are looking for has long been looking for you!

Welcome to Sara&Rashel club! When we started our activity, we did not even realize how many lonely people had lost hope to create a Jewish family and find real happiness. A number of matches have already been made due to the club and for us it is always a great joy as well. Everyone who signs up and becomes a member of a club increases the chance to meet their love by many times! Perhaps, you had a bad experience in the past or you experienced disappointment and at some point lost your heart, but the desire to be loved doesn’t leave you, then we are waiting for your call. If you want to be happy, just be it. We are proud of our unique database which profiles of men and women are divided 50 by 50 and admire with their characteristics, you can see for yourself that the club is rightly called exclusive. We are always happy to assist you in finding your soul mate! Don’t forget, the one you are looking for has long been looking for you!

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